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« Reply #40 on: March 26, 2009 01:19 AM »
Quote from: Blordow
hey guys i team up with people such as spongebobfan101, afrodaziacgam3r, sasukenagato9, armord00d, and other ng peepz. that means i am proffesional at its finest
lmfao yea i gotta admit its truly remarkable to me how someone could be so fucking stupid to think that anything NG related constitutes real world experience

envy seeps through everything he writes. the only logical reason for him to be so obsessed with predicting the career trajectories of other artists is that he's worried he himself always be too shitty for anything but the internet.

i especially love how he acts like freelance gives you so much freedom. i do freelance and hes full of shit, you get as much creative freedom as your employer gives you, which isnt always a lot. also funny how if he wants work, he'll have to continue to grovel for it online in the dwindling freelancing market where, truth be told, you'll have such sporadic work you'll be much more of a failure in five years than someone "selling their soul" at a major studio. yeah good luck outbidding the cheap indians on getafreelancer, swainy, i'd rather be animating captain flapjack....


AssociateKilla: animation is just data entry
AssociateKilla: the only difference between it and data entry is that it's visual

yeah if you have absolutely no creative or artistic vision in your work like swain, then animation is just data entry!
I have more of a life writing this review at 1145 pm than you guys do making these movies. . .