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« Reply #20 on: November 26, 2008 09:26 PM »
Quote from: f0d
Quote from: Squeef
he read something someone said about why doesnt he not make awesome shit one time, and i think his reply was something along the lines of "no matter what I say I am going to get ignored/flamed" instead of answering why he doesn't stop with the awesome shit.
yeah thats right! i remember now

i honestly wouldnt flame him i just want to hear his rationale.

did he do it for the money? or is he under too much pressure from his fans to deliver exclusively videogame related shit? does he care what kind of effect he's having on the NG userbase, attracting a much younger and more nerdy audience? does he shy away from criticism in favor of mindless praise or would he actually like to hear the honest opinions of his fellow artists? as the most popular author currently active on NG, why not lead by example and create something high quality and entirely original? i know he has the talent to do so

maybe he just likes to make parodies. everyone has their own style of art and what they like to do.

im sure he's open to all criticism, both positive and negative. all artists are, aren't they? that's how artists learn and improve

im also sure that he probably can do something high-quality/original, but maybe he just makes these movies for fun. maybe he creates parodies because he loves videogames and gets enjoyment from parodying them. what's wrong with doing something you love for the sake of your own enjoyment?
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