puppies and a feminine penis
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« Reply #40 on: November 28, 2008 01:01 PM »
ok i read the whole post there and well opinion of you hasnt changed a bit. that is because i dont dislike you though, ever since we talked on aim the first time (psi43, btw have you blocked me or something??).

i agree with pretty much everything you said besides the thing with the "well if you think i am destroying ng and the animation future then take a look at yourselves spamming". some people here (faggots like zeebmork and davebut) are spamming gay shit like blank screens cause they're simply bored and don't have a life, they act like they don't care about NG and just want to read funny reviews.

then there are people like rtil and f0d, people who actually animate something attacking newgrounds, but as i said, they attack newgrounds and not the animation business in general, because they think that newgrounds is going down. i know that this won't help NG improving but oh well it's fun. just as much fun as it is to animate and release "AWESOME" cartoons probably.