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« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2008 02:35 PM »
I cant believe I read all that only to find out that I was right to begin with.

Anyway most people your age and my age have bills to pay, but Id rather work at a job that I may or may not like to pay those bills while I work on something with effort and passion rather then get paid to make shitty vg parodies that are plagerized art in every sense. The fact that you have fun making them is proof enough about my statement on your integrity.

You say youre inspiring people to animate and shit with your work. But what are you inspiring them TO animate.

Anyway Ill believe it when I see it with the original work. If you actually make somethin nice then I GARUNTEE you people here will respect you more. Unless it really really dsucks. but if its animated really nicely has some effort put into itt hen ye sure.

Anyway point in all of this is that Im pretty gay for talkin about all dis and actually reading all that shit!


by: SpeedyPac
date: December 1, 2007
Wade is not gay, read his profile! It's sad that you would use sexual orientation as a joke, shows that you have no real sense of humor.