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« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2008 03:29 PM »
Quote from: egoraptor
Quote from: CoolDrMoney
Anyway most people your age and my age have bills to pay, but Id rather work at a job that I may or may not like to pay those bills while I work on something with effort and passion rather then get paid to make shitty vg parodies that are plagerized art in every sense. The fact that you have fun making them is proof enough about my statement on your integrity.

This is where I heartily disagree, for points I've mostly already said, but I am learning a lot more about animation, comedic timing, color theory and all of that from animating shitty video game parodies that are plagiarized art in every way than I would working at McDonalds. I think if you're going to waste time making money, waste it efficiently.

And I really don't see why the shitty job scenario is any different. I am still working on my original projects on the side just as passionately. See, I think your view is very narrow minded because you're assuming that by enjoying making a video game parody I am incapable of feeling artistic integrity about something original and fresh. As if, if instead I hated doing it, but I had to in order to live, it'd be okay. Like I said, it's only a part of me that doesn't consume who I am. If you really liked that side job as a programmer or whatever, does that make you incapable of feeling integrity? Moreover, if you get a hired animation job with some company making some stupid Winx show or whatever, and you had to just to pay the bills, and hey, maybe you found out it was fun to do, does that make you incapable of feeling integrity for your original work?

I mean, most of you who want to become animators in the future, your plan is to work under a company, right? You're not just going to make original animations and hope someday they take off, you have a plan. So how is that different, at all? So, because you don't like it so much, it makes you more passionate about your original work?

We are human beings, we're not 1 dimensional programmed robots. I enjoy a Burger King Whopper and I enjoy Filet Mignon. And sometimes I want a Whopper over a filet. I don't have to be super passionate about filet mignon just because it's better and had more effort put into it.

You COMPLETELY missed what I said but holy shit if I argue anymore about any of this I will feel really gay

But Ill do it anyway!

The fact you enjoy doing that shit AND you dont tell your viewers theyre retarded for praising you for some shitty thing is why I say you have no integrity. If you rated a whopper the same or even more than a filet Mignon in quality taste etc etc then youd have to be retarded.

Now if I drew some sloppy ass stick figure I thought was FUN then thats fine. If I submitted it to an art museum and it got lauded and praised then I would raise an eyebrow and have INTEGRITY to say to all of them "Its just a stickman. What is wrong with you all? Its fine if you like it but holy shit there's a shitload of better things around here and this really isnt that impressive!" But instead of doing THAT, you make more shit. I for one would feel guilty knowing that Im gettin praise for something half assed while other things that are done MUCH better get passed up over it. You still say you have some AMAZING original project your working on but I have yet to see it and I am almost doubtful it exists.

And Ill tell you right now, I have certainly learned more about animating, color theory, etc from TALKING to people and applying it to animation in my spare time as well as going to college rather than working on some half-assed cartoon, releasing it and being happy about the praise it gets. Its certainly not impossible to learn while you work somewhere else. You dont have to be dependent on the money from NG. People like you and IllWill hungry for more money, using it as funding, exploiting the fantasies that occur in those adolecents minds, is what is keeping Newgrounds from truly developing.

Anyway Im really tired of being this gay so I think Im done. I refuse to talk about this anymore. Who gives a shit

by: SpeedyPac
date: December 1, 2007
Wade is not gay, read his profile! It's sad that you would use sexual orientation as a joke, shows that you have no real sense of humor.