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« Reply #60 on: November 28, 2008 03:34 PM »
Quote from: CoolDrMoney
you dont tell your viewers theyre retarded for praising you for some shitty thing
actually ive seen ego call out his fans on this before. he has mentioned the fact that his flashes get undue praise due to his immense popularity. ive seen it in comments and news posts.

but ego, if you are working on original projects on the side just as passionately as you work on the awesome stuff, why not make it known?

if you were to send a message to your fanbase that original content holds more value than unoriginal content, you really could make a difference. your fans are an extremely close-minded bunch (again, read the reviews on metal gear funnies for proof) but they fucking worship you and the ground you walk on. if you could change even a few of their minds about what constitutes a quality flash animation, it would be worth it
I have more of a life writing this review at 1145 pm than you guys do making these movies. . .