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I made a thread on tba

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« Reply #20 on: March 31, 2010 11:50 PM »
Quote from: anigen
Quote from: J_Seed
im reminded again "why do i still keep going to this forum"

it's because you have no life or friends outside of the internet

there's the inevitable personal attack guys we're ready to go with the u mads, trolling and series of image macros

u mad also fuck you and

this was one of the first results when i googled image macro

<Naza> i hate penis exect mine
<+pantsman> you have yet to show me any applicable sign of intelligence yet scrib...
<HatsuneMiku> the pings and timeouts of jacob breck
<dilly> the tba will look up and cry "save us!".... and i'll look down and whisper .... "h"
Quote from: stealth troll
what's up with you not sucking dicks like the faggot you are
<+fluffkomix> mrscriblam has added you as a friend
<+fluffkomix> ignore

<+mrscriblam> lmao