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I made a thread on tba

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« Reply #20 on: April 1, 2010 01:43 AM »
Quote from: anigen
i love how you get really defensive when i take a shot anyone takes a shot at jseed mrscriblam it's really cute

Normally I dont get seriously involved in most of this bullshit because it always winds down with jay and scrib trolling anigen with no effort whatsoever, whereupon he then goes nuts and then later tries to apologize for it all.

But I'm actually going to take a particular interest in this thread because it perfectly illustrates something I've been trying to get across for a while now. Something so insanely simple and insipidly obtuse that the fact that it keeps happening just floors me each time.

Here you can see that J_Seed made a comment which mimicked something alot of people do on forums they dislike. It's a perfect summary of the worst personality trait online.

Its the "I hate this place but continue to come here" trait. It happens so often, that it's pretty much instantly recognizable.
Now what makes this amusing is that noone gave a shit about Jay's comment in this thread except for you, anigen.

You picked up on it and immediately responded. Proving once again Jay doesnt have to do anything to provoke you because in this case, like several similar ones, he's right.
And only in the sense that it's rather an interesting coincidence that of all people to respond to said comment is you.

WHY? Because you have this exact personality trait.

All you ever do, and have done for at least a year now. For almost as long as I've known this forum has existed, you have CONSTANTLY bitched and whined about how much you hate this forum and the people here. How much you hate jay and scrib and ry99an and sasha and bug and cheesebeef and hootchcake and wigglesnaps and all the other people on irc who are so bland they all mash together and I cant be bothered to remember their names.

It seems at least once a week you are a part of or cause some amazing dramatic episode on here, where you once again swear that you are going to stop coming here.

You even took the brave step of giving me your account and having me change your password.

But like usual (and I've mentioned this so many many times) you KEEP COMING BACK.

And the same bullshit keeps happening. Now it's worse because now you're bringing your friends here, and letting any conversation between them and any of the numerous people here you dislike send your irritability meter off the charts.

Which makes the irony of this so great:

Quote from: anigen
Quote from: J_Seed
im reminded again "why do i still keep going to this forum"

it's because you have no life or friends outside of the internet

there's the inevitable personal attack guys we're ready to go with the u mads, trolling and series of image macros

Because whether or not Jay actually meant this as a personal attack on you in particular is irrelevant. The fact is, YOU AUTOMATICALLY PERCEIVED IT AS AN ATTACK, BECAUSE ITS TRUE. And scriblam hopped on the boat once he saw you were upset (which if it hadnt gotten your goat, you would not have replied, hearkening back to the previous sentence.) and took advantage to post worlds shittiest comeback of "u mad" which really should be wordfiltered.

It's like a circle of life except rather than lions being hoisted by baboons, it's you CONSTANTLY returning to attempt to match wits with two people whom you hate and whom are far more subtle and clever than you, when it comes to this "HEY MA LOOKIT ME IMMA TROLLIN" business.