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Pico's Penny Prank

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« Reply #40 on: May 7, 2011 02:53 PM »
The industry has awful standards these days, but this was below even that. It's ugly, unappealing and not fun to watch. I'm pretty sure you can do better than this. You SHOULD be able to do better than this, because you're not as god-awful and shitty at every fucking thing you do like Gerkinman is, but you have the same backwards retarded WELL SOMEBODY ELSE WHO GIVES ME MONEY SAID IT WAS GOOD SO THEREFORE IT IS bullshit, except you're paying money instead of receiving so it is far more dubious.

If somebody gives a hooker money to suck their dick, she's going to tell them their sweaty ballsack tastes like strawberries whether it does or not. She doesn't give a shit, it's just another out of a thousand.