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would you join in?

"yeah, this sounds fun. i'd be interested"
18 (85.7%)
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tf2 highlander night

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« on: April 8, 2010 03:32 PM »
Quote from: ropesnake
word of warning i belong to a goon group that has over 2000 members and 5 separate servers and when they do calls for highlander they just barely get enough people to play it could be next to impossible to organize this cuz despite what jseed says ive only seen the server full 2 times total.

edit: competitive players do 6v6 because its much easier to organise and the class rotation is something like 1 demo 1 medic 2 sollys and 2 scouts if this highlander doesnt work we could try that instead

it might be hard to organize but let\\\'s give it a shot anyway. also i agree with your edit, 6v6 might be a good idea if this doesn\\\'t work out.

also the list is updated guys