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Why I hate DeviantArt

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« Reply #100 on: March 8, 2009 09:46 PM »
Quote from: Zekey
Quote from: Atomaru
Im sorry, but can you please post an intelegent response?

"intelegent" whats that?


no because you're a piece of shit from deviantart.
Fine, admittedly i can not spell well, and I am sorry for my error. The difference here is, i am not trying to spell wrong, while you must be trying to be rude, either that or your really can't understand how to act acceptably (or type a complete sentence for that matter). So yes, for spelling the word wrong, i am sorry, and i admittedly am not the most intelegent person in the world, that does not though change the validity of my statement. Seeing as you can't write a sentence, i'm guessing you weren't able to read past that one, so please do and consider the statements.