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Why I hate DeviantArt

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« Reply #100 on: March 8, 2009 10:04 PM »
Quote from: chicken
it all adds up
at conventions you pretend to be some faggoty animecharacter with your gay costumes, here you pretend to be an INTELECTUAL with your long posts..

your life is a lie
Im sorry, I really dont intend to respond to any more of these posts, this has gone on way to long, but for a final comment. I'd argue that it is not a lie, and here is the evidence.  It takes hours to make a good cosplay. Hours and hard work. Not only is it hard to make the costume, but you then need to have the dedication to the character and acutally have the balls to wear it around in an area with hundreds of people, who, in most cases are not even part of the convention and just happen to be in the area. I would say that it takes commitment in order to do cosplay, and yes, some do it badly, and those of us who actually try are just as annoyed by those who dont as the next person. So no, i am not trying to sound smart by posting long responses, i am, like in cosplay, trying to thoroughly apply my self to the task of answering or correcting your posts. Again, spelling, i do apologize for. I do respect your opinion, i merely wish that you respect everyone else's as well. Sorry to everyone for posting so much on this forum, it really should have died awhile ago.
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