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88th Annual Mediocrity Awards

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« Reply #40 on: March 1, 2016 07:50 PM »
Yes being proud of your ethnicity, nationality, etc. might seem stupid because you didn't do anything to achieve them, but the same could be said of genetics and upbringing which are other major factors to individual success.

Pride in these things is really just pride in your heritage, which is healthy and prevents cultures and societies from decaying.

i agree in theory, but ethnolinguistic nationalism is 1) objectively not real, and 2) extremely modern and unaristocratic. i think civic nationalism is pretty cool though tbh: also @Unless I think civic nationalism answers some of your objections.

i do agree that culture and heritage and ancestral preservation are good, but IMO our obligations to these things aren't genetic. i also think that a great person should be a cosmopolitan citizen-of-the-world who acknowledges, respects, appreciates, but also transcends his or her cultural upbringing