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« Reply #20 on: July 1, 2007 10:11 PM »
Quote from: Dagolith
if you let something insult you, than every things insulting. what makes you a total D-bag moron is that you think that being called gay is insulting, if your not gay, or even if you are; all your saying is that, that person likes the same sex, (THATS ALL BEING GAY MEANS) it doesn't mean that it's "bad" or "lame" or anything to that effect.

besides i think taylors fucking hilarious most of the time, because he never actually cares what anyone ever says on this forum, unlike you. and i couldn't give a shit weather or not Ryan likes me.

but it's obvious that all this is way over your Grade 8 head, so mabey you'll get it in 2-3 years. but right now i can only assume that your going to stick to your sad very wrong point of view.

wow. lmao

ok, first, i don't know where you have been sir. maybe with your head in a box. it is common sense that gay is an insult. whether I believe this to be true or not, there is still no logical base as to why you're being such a bitch about a word. it wasn't even aimed at you. the only reasons you'd have to go after me like this is 1) you are literally a homosexual 2) you love blockhead 3) you are trying to impress someone

second, taylor doesn't like you any more than I do. the only difference between us is that he doesn't want to waste his time trying to get a faggot like you to fuck off and leave him alone. you make it sound as if we should all be totally fine and not give a shit whenever you decide to act like an idiot. whether we make a case of it or not, we still both (among other people) think you're annoying. saying that I give a shit about what people say here is pretty dumb considering the only reason im typing this is because you're giving me problems for saying a fucking word. and I'm the one who cares too much about what people on the internet say?

last, oh man, the "internet 13 year old insult". gotta hand it to you buddy, it really makes you look pretty e-badass. original too. you're the king man. you really won this one. maybe i should go meditate under a tree for 5 years and become a wiser and all around better person.
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