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civ v

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« on: September 26, 2010 02:07 PM »
i've been playing civ v the past few days (it came out last week). so far it's been pretty fun and mildly addictive, though i have some issues with it.

the game is now slower than ever. the reason why is because now individual military units are much more important - you can't stack them and they are designed to last longer. so, they take longer to build. in turn, cities are now harder to capture. cities can defend themselves and bombard incoming units. they also have hit points - when you attack a city it can't be defended by units - instead, it has defensive hp which has to be wiped out before you can capture it.

and the AI is still retarded. long-time allies of centuries old will turn on you in an instant for no reason. city-states, now an important part of the game, are also generally hostile towards you no matter what. you have to basically pay them money to have them be your friends. they're also constantly declaring war on eachother which just clogs up your messages.  and i've never been that good at civ, but even on normal (prince) difficulty the game is insanely difficult. in difficulty levels above normal, the AI gets handicap bonuses against you - this has always been the case. but on normal, still, your opponents seem to be able to expand as much as they want and maintain a strong empire. however, if you expand as aggressively as they do, your empire becomes severely unhappy due to "number of cities" and population, and essentially becomes completely unproductive. units won't fight, cities won't grow, and production nearly comes to a standstill. there's almost nothing you can do to stop this. producing happiness generating buildings takes too long, and desired luxury resources make cities celebrate your leadership, however this doesn't change any happiness levels, which makes the production and food bonus completely irrelevant.

however, i do like the new hexagonal tile system. the graphics are very nice and the interface is solid. they got rid of religion - introduced in civ iv - which i thought was very distracting and not a productive gameplay element. and now that you can only have 1 military unit per tile, you have to think a lot more about how you're going to attack, and strategy isn't reduced to the "stack of doom" like it always was in the old games.

i'd like to try multiplayer, but i can't imagine how you could feasibly finish a game in a single day. it took me 4 hours to get through 1/4th of the given timeline (5000BC - 2050AD).

if you are a civ or turn based strategy fan, you'll like the game and it's worth picking up. but don't get it if you get bored easily. did anyone else get it? i'd like to try the multiplayer, just to see how the hell it even works.