dubstep and a feminine penis
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more waves than the sea

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« Reply #20 on: December 22, 2016 02:38 AM »
Quote from: Unless
[The right post in the wrong place that made all the difference in the world.]
Oh, so that's why I thought my post in the other thread didn't go through the first time 'round. MB, FiXT.

Holy shit unless fuck off I never got why the others hated you but if you can't tell this is a new retro wave thread by at least scanning ALL THE VIDEOS WITH 80S THINGS IN THEIR THUMBNAILS then you're mentally retarded beyond help

 get out of this holy thread please before I call the IRA
Eh, yeah, I can see it's new retro wave. I didn't contradict that, I was commenting on the development of the thread.
I don't have many musics to add to the thread because I haven't really been listening to this sort of music in my free time except when I come here.
There's no real need to be such a raging cunt here, dude.
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*whistles the theme song to your least favourite anime*