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Pokemon thread

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« Reply #40 on: May 17, 2016 11:58 AM »
Me? Why, never have I ever. At least, I hadn't thought so.
Here, I'll do an update post, so that you can differentiate… from the shit.

Since the last Pokémon-related post in this thread, there have been many announcements that everybody who's interested in Pokémon already know. It's the all-new adventure you've been waiting for:

As of yet, the 5 Pokémon shown in this video are the only new ones revealed.
The male protagonist is shown at different points in the video wearing two different variations on the colours of his clothes, so possibly the character customisation will be coming back. On one hand, people did like it very much; on the other, that was supposedly a Kalos-specific thing, and Game Freak doesn't give a fuck and does what it wants.

Zygarde's new formes[1] which have already made a showing in the anime will presumably be in the game, at least in code. I anticipate they'll pull out Pokémon Z in this coming generation just because nobody would see that coming. Then, if they do, I'll link back to this post and post a

Zygarde's also taken precedence in the TGC expansion which I won't especially get into because I seriously doubt anybody cares.

Nice thread by the way. Entirely beyond reproach.
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