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south park season 15

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« Reply #140 on: October 12, 2011 03:53 PM »
well, i have a somewhat mix of dumb, cheesiness and nonsensical sarcasm that branches off into broken levels of absurdity. i'm kooky like that, bud.

i do have a somewhat serious post here and there, like the video game soundtracks thing, but its more fun to see reactions to my antics from you guys (i.e. fuckin'dante.gif)

never thought i'd see "lolitrollu" and "i'm a very random person XD" combined into one post

dante, you made that gif

nobody cares about your bullshit nearly as much as you think they do

<Naza> i hate penis exect mine
<+pantsman> you have yet to show me any applicable sign of intelligence yet scrib...
<HatsuneMiku> the pings and timeouts of jacob breck
<dilly> the tba will look up and cry "save us!".... and i'll look down and whisper .... "h"
Quote from: stealth troll
what's up with you not sucking dicks like the faggot you are
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<+fluffkomix> ignore

<+mrscriblam> lmao