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stick bashing continuation

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« on: December 31, 2007 09:57 PM »
what an idiot lmfao -

i use to post at power-fusion or something when i first got flash in grade 7 , and my first cartoon was a stick one , but after that i never touched sticks again.

the ex. of good stick cartoons clutch showed were awful - if you wanna see  a good stick artist in my opinion:

but ye sticks are gay , and i find it funny that oscar starts off ever post in this forum as HEY I AM POPULAR STICK ANIMATOR SUCK MY DICK PLZ - even funnier how he would admit to just doing castle for the money aha


that was an entertaining thread, srsly guys thx

happy new years!!

and those pics were gross zekey
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it sucks ass okay

and muse isnt that great anyway
thanks ill use this comment to help myself improve