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The Avatar Has Returned....

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« Reply #40 on: October 29, 2007 03:41 AM »
Quote from: GRINACE
Quote from: Silencer789
After 10 months approximately, the Avatar can back on the air for the final book, the book of fire.... i was starting to lose hope and was about to protest nickelodeon for making one of the last remaining decent nickelodeon shows, and abandoning it....but fortunately, they didnt abandon avatar: the last airbender, so there are no broken bones on their conscious.....YET!

~Nerd alert~

I am referring to myself here...

But the reason Avatar took 10 months to come back is because the guy who was the voice actor for the grandfather passed away. So they had his understudy to do the voices for the grandfather...

And the book of fire shouldn't be the last book. There should be One more. The Air book. Makes sence if you think of it because the is (in order) Water, Earth, Fire , and Air.

Yet it's understandable why there would be no Air Book season.  The Air benders were all wiped out, with the exception of Aang.  Technically, each book so far has focused on one of the elemental nations.  The wind nation therefore doesn't really need much story, with the exception of some good flashbacks.  We'll probably see the fall (or change of rulers) of the fire nation in this third season.  Ha, but on a side note, it's cool that Mark Hamill is the voice for Zuko's father.

I can't understand why anyone doesn't like Avatar.  It has what so very few cartoons have.  An impressive script.  Sure the characters and fight choreography make the show all the more watchable, but episodes such as "Avatar Day" really shine with priceless quotes and humour.  It also serves good morals to kids that few cartoons out there are prepared to go into, and Avatar's done pretty well for the fact that it's survived without hot scantly clad chicks roaming about in it, or unnecessary bloody violence, to appease certain crowds.  Those are some reasons in why I can see where Hayao Miyazaki's works have inspired its creators.  They've even acknowledged that to be the case.  In a way, it's brought a sense of style and emotion to the show on a more spiritual level.
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