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The Project Itoh movies

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« on: May 18, 2016 12:10 PM »
Oh hell yeah there are a lot of pans and tracking shots (made possible through CG!), and repetitive lines a la Tekkon Kinkreet, and yes they're all annoying and my friends and I were laughing about them afterwards. I don't mind a lot of camera movement though, as long as it's not handheld, and queasy cam is sparse in this.

What specifically did Koji Yamamoto do that would deter you? If it's any consolation, this and Empire of Corpses are his only screenwriting credits, and they're both based on novels.

I would only half recommend seeing it tbh, only if it's playing subbed and you really care about supporting Funi's film distribution.

Personally I really liked it but I'm super forgiving of movies like this.