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This is an animation forum on the most part. Are any of you actually wanting to be animators?

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« Reply #20 on: October 19, 2007 01:19 AM »
Quote from: rtil
Quote from: Psi43
Quote from: ZwickelStudios
I am rtil's inbetweener, I do 88% of what you see in his flashes. So yeah.I guess.

wait what, rtil's cheating!
now hold on there
i only hire korean orphans

i am dead

<+wwchicken> once i walked into the kitchen and there was a sound
<+wwchicken> but i could only hear it when i stood on one spot in the kitchen
<+wwchicken> then i turned off the light
<+wwchicken> and it was gone
<+wwchicken> then i turned the light back on and there it was again
<+wwchicken> so i thought, its an invisible alien
<+wwchicken> but hes scared of the dark