pillows and yuri
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« Reply #620 on: April 7, 2010 03:42 PM »
Quote from: rtil
i try to stay on bp7's good side otherwise every time he backstabs me in tf2 i would be mad and then he would say u mad? and then i would delete the forum in a fit of rage
nah man i don't think ive ever gotten mad at you
[12:59 AM] elm: yea honestly if you dont want to cum on elmer fudds bald head whats wrong with you
4:08 PM - ExBerian: can you draw me a nina williams being (fucked)
[07:49.46] <+slack> cum erupts from the dick at an alarming rate
[07:49.59] <+slack> it will blast off and slap the wall at like 40 mph

[1:17 AM] Darreus: iF ONLY I could Geind my ass on ym balls that'd be pretty cool but im too busy contemplating being a girl at 1 in the morning