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BK Joe Substitute Teacher Must Die

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« on: May 1, 2008 11:51 PM »
We all know MoonClock, aka Michael P., an avid BBS poster. Well, two weeks ago, a woman who was substituting for his French class, had a Burger K*ng Joe in her hand, and was sipping from it! It was just a disgusting act to see the woman pour that disgusting, horrid, and obscene sludge down her throat. The woman must have been legally insane, a total bitch, or a Kingist...

Michael had this to say:
The recent events of Friday's French class has left me in shock, and I wasn't even there for the full class, as I had a guidance appointment that very day (thank god). When I saw the BK Joe, I wanted to bolt right out of the classroom, and I very well accomplished that. I just hope I never have to lay my eyes upon that...that...that THING ever again. Burger King in my High School...give me a BREAK!

Ronald McDonald.