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if you could change/add something about your OS

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« Reply #40 on: October 30, 2010 11:19 AM »
oh geez hahahh

Quote from: rtil
i just don't like them bro i mean why the fuck do you CARE anyway my taste in music is SHIT and yours is far superior am i right or am i right  
stop exaggerating what i say
i asked a simple question about why you disliked a band i never implied i was superior or anything like that cut it out
i honestly have never met anyone who thought the strokes completely sucked and i was wondering why you thought so i didnt plan on arguing about it or anything i just wanted to know why you thought that
Quote from: rtil
do i really need a reason to not enjoy two specific/unrelated/generic rock bands
yeah usually when you dislike something theres a reason why
Quote from: rtil
i just don't like the music! ok!!!
oh ok thats not as specific a reason as i was looking for but i guess we can leave it at that put it there pal no need for anyth...
Quote from: rtil
goddamn some people are so snobby and gay about their gay music preferences

"if you don't like band x explain why/i don't like you/i will argue with you about it"

i don't care what kind of music you like that's fine go ahead and listen to it and i'm going to listen to what i want to listen to

no one cares
why are you getting defensive when im not fighting with you
Quote from: rtil
cuz zop is just that predictable
wait what WHAT
Quote from: shura
you dont like the same music i do that makes no sense man stop trolling me you're so fucking edgy holy shitttt