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rumblemunky here

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« on: July 2, 2008 12:04 AM »
Rumblemunky: maybe real life will fuck you up
Anigen Bot: uh oh im scared
Anigen Bot: real life sounds like a real bad nig

Rumblemunky: nah i mean
Rumblemunky: life\\\'s pressures
Anigen Bot: just because your life sucks doesnt mean everyone elses will
Rumblemunky: why are you saying that
Rumblemunky: you said your life sucked when your computer broke
Anigen Bot: i love how you pull the "i\\\'m your friend giving you friendly advice im not a bad guy im just tellin you the word on the street!" bullshit
Anigen Bot: i love a lot of things you do
Anigen Bot: i love U rumblemunky!!
Rumblemunky: l love me too
Anigen Bot: no i was just kidding you ugly prick