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The state of contemporary game journalism

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« Reply #20 on: August 20, 2014 07:09 AM »
so fucking what? those situations are entirely out of our control, why pretend we can do something about it like the slacktivists on twitter and tumblr? i don't see you demonstrating in ferguson, joining the army or volunteering to fly to nigeria to treat ebola patients. there's horrible shit going on around the world every day but you continue to live your life for yourself just like everyone else because you don't have any power to stop it. it fucking sucks but there's not much you can do about it, and that's reality.

That sure is a nice liberal mentality you got there. Maybe if you spent more time actually speaking up about all the bad shit that plagues the world instead of bitching about "SJW's" on the internet, then maybe, just fucking maybe, we would actually be closer to making some fucking progress by now. What, does police brutality not have enough "wacky pronouns" for you to make fun of or what? Of all the things you could be doing, you people would rather complain about video games? "So fucking what" my ass, why not make yourself useful for once and actually go out of your way to help someone or spread awareness? At least you have the power to do that.  It's people like you that make everyone else want to keep quiet about both their problems and the problems of society, and that's just fucking pathetic. At the very least help you could've done a better job of helping our friend here or you could've listened to what she had to say, but you chose not to.

I'm tired of just letting this shit you people say in the continuous circle jerk we call TBA slip by without fucking consequence. You know what, I'm fucking sick of it too.

i have no preference about what we do or don't complain about here on TBA, but there's a topic about video game journalism so we are (or were) discussing it. but saying "how can you people be talking about X when Y is going on in the world?", when Y has nothing to do with X, is a red herring.

so yeah, so fucking what. you want to talk about this kind of stuff, do it in a constructive way. make a topic about it instead of interrupting a completely different conversation, assuming we don't care about something because we aren't talking about it in a topic that has nothing to do with it.

you seem to have a chip on your shoulder about some things i've said or posted in the past, since you think i spend time "bitching about SJW's on the internet". true, i've posted some screenshots of some silly blogs, and the topic comes up from time to time, but it's not something i think about. i just happen to be a big fan of poe's law as someone who's made a lot of satirical cartoons, and i like to laugh. and there's a lot of things to laugh about on the internet, "SJW" or not. so forgive me for wasting some time on the internet entertaining myself. i suppose you don't waste any time on the internet looking at things you find humorous? as a fan of retsuparae, you must realize that in the world of parody and satire, someone's always the punching bag.. so then, is it only ok for certain people to be the targets of this kind of humor? if so, how do we make that judgement call? btw, i'm not saying all satire is funny or appropriate, but in the world of comedy it's kind of impossible to do this objectively.

of all the things i could be doing, would i rather complain about video games than police brutality, ISIS or ferguson? i would rather be painting, to be honest. but if someone wants to complain about it on an open forum, and i feel compelled to say something, i will. one thing i wouldn't want to do, though, is fault someone for wanting to talk to me about something they are interested in, no matter how trivial it is, or accuse them of not wanting to talk about something i felt was more important. how would you feel if i judged you for playing video games, reblogging art on tumblr and goofing around in level editors instead of going out and volunteering at a women's shelter or a soup kitchen or something? don't you see how absurd this argument is? nothing gets accomplished by treating people like that.

so i am useless for being an artist who does not push my political agenda on my followers to raise awareness for things? fair enough i guess. i suppose you could even call me selfish, because i make art for myself first. it's just something i decided a few years ago after doing a couple politically-angled pieces. i didn't feel comfortable doing it. i wanted to make art that made people happy and take them to another world away from ours. politically fueled art is just not my thing. there are other people out there who are doing that kind of work and they are great people. why do i have to be like the rest of them? why do i have to step on to the minefield that is the stage of opinion? i've done enough arguing on the internet to know that i'm not going to change anyone's minds, and i'd rather not have the people that  follow me and don't know who i am attach my personal beliefs to my work. if you want to judge me for that, then fine.

i just don't buy the "well you could be doing something!" line, like our only lot in life is to play telephone. and i highly doubt by me not saying anything i am convincing other people to be quiet about their problems and problems in their society. i'd have to actually say something to make that happen. i'm genuinely glad that awareness is spreading about the police state of ferguson, the war in syria and the outcry for a cure to ebola during this epidemic in west africa. i'm also aware enough to know that these problems are much, much larger than me, and i am powerless to affect whatever their outcome is. if i have a way to directly help some kind of crisis, no matter the size, i would do it (this usually involves money, of which i have given to numerous causes). but if it's just passing along another reblog or hashtag out of the millions that are already there, i'm not actually helping anyone except me and my image. i really despise the self-centered nature of social media, and i think a lot of these awareness "campaigns" just become excuses to make people look like saints for "supporting" a cause by just saying something about it while slapping their face or name on it. and indeed, many charities and movements have become corrupted by these kinds of things.

maybe i'm jaded, i don't know. but can you really blame me for wanting to keep my art (which is literally mylife) separate from this politically correct warzone of internet justice? that was never my calling, and i'm not going to change myself to please others. i find it a little odd how quickly you resort to vitriol when these kinds of topics come up, as if i could be your enemy on the flip of a coin if i show even the slightest sign of apathy. i guess that's what's always bothered me the most about the way communities like tumblr approach causes - they immediately assume anyone unfamiliar with their opinion should be talked down to, like it's their fault. and i'm not even unfamiliar with what you're speaking about, i just don't think it was handled very gracefully.

as far as whatever else is going on with zwimmy, the vague threats upset me and, like i said, i can't believe she would say something like that and just leave. i wish that whatever is going on in her life that this is not how she would deal with it. she should know that if any of us ever wanted to talk that we have always been there for her, but instead decides to leave a bunch of upsetting posts, change her status to "i am dead" and then disappear without ever giving us an opportunity to genuinely reach out to her. i don't understand it. i would say the same as @Bamyasi - that if she needs to talk to someone i'm right here. but she knows that and chose to do this instead.

it may come off as harsh but it really upsets me so much to see this kind of behavior. one of my best friends shot himself in the fucking head only days after i saw him for the last time and didn't reach out to me. i couldn't believe it, that they would leave the world like that without giving someone a chance to convince them otherwise. and that's exactly what this reminds me of. i don't know what else to say besides this. so zwimmy, if you're reading this, i'm sorry, please don't run off like this and don't make the mistake of trying to deal with this alone.
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