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The state of contemporary game journalism

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« Reply #20 on: August 20, 2014 01:11 PM »
so fucking what? those situations are entirely out of our control, why pretend we can do something about it like the slacktivists on twitter and tumblr? i don't see you demonstrating in ferguson, joining the army or volunteering to fly to nigeria to treat ebola patients. there's horrible shit going on around the world every day but you continue to live your life for yourself just like everyone else because you don't have any power to stop it. it fucking sucks but there's not much you can do about it, and that's reality.

That sure is a nice liberal mentality you got there. Maybe if you spent more time actually speaking up about all the bad shit that plagues the world instead of bitching about "SJW's" on the internet, then maybe, just fucking maybe, we would actually be closer to making some fucking progress by now. What, does police brutality not have enough "wacky pronouns" for you to make fun of or what? Of all the things you could be doing, you people would rather complain about video games? "So fucking what" my ass, why not make yourself useful for once and actually go out of your way to help someone or spread awareness? At least you have the power to do that.  It's people like you that make everyone else want to keep quiet about both their problems and the problems of society, and that's just fucking pathetic. At the very least help you could've done a better job of helping our friend here or you could've listened to what she had to say, but you chose not to.

I'm tired of just letting this shit you people say in the continuous circle jerk we call TBA slip by without fucking consequence. You know what, I'm fucking sick of it too.

your gay tumblr full of zoophilic/hentai shit surely attests to what youve just said