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Ah, hellu!

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« Reply #40 on: February 15, 2007 06:52 PM »
one time me and my freind jack were bored and hungry and we were poor so there was no food in the house and we had an air rifle so we spent a couple hours shooting at birds and I shot a white winged dove RIGHT IN THE FUCKING HEART and jack said that you can eat those things if you cook them so stuck my finger intoits stomach under its breast bone and just ripped that fucker right out, cleaned it cooked and shared it with jack <<---true story

I was on the verge of tears... tear-climaxed... and cried.
They don't have that type of dove in Kentucky - and even if they did, it wouldn't have tasted anywhere near the same as it had then.
I can guarantee that.

In its entirety... this "Arizona" reminds me of the best moments of the 90's - and also of my own childhood.
In this way, I truly do miss Arizona... Emily and all.

Quote from: Dagolith
YOUR true story, or A true story?

I strongly recommend against doubting the word of a Mongoose.
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