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sup faggots

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« on: February 7, 2016 11:45 AM »
Please mind your use of derogatory slurs in future. While not offensive to you, and while you may have not meant it offensively, please understand that it can be extremely offensive to others (especially when it is such a divisive word, even in the community where it originated - amongst homosexual men). Thank you in advance(:

I have to concur with user "crackers" here. Thebackalleys promote diversity and tolerance. We accept everyone regardless of their gender, sexuality and so on, creating an open-minded Internet community. I believe our most ineffable achievement is the implementation of the trigger warning policy. Thanks to this all of our members can browse the forum freely without any misgivings about being triggered by somebody. I kindly ask you to put trigger warnings whenever you wish to use such contentious vocabulary. Plus, no religion allowed. If you believe in your pathetic "god" (who isn't even real) please leave the premises instantly.