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Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by rtil on Today at 12:49 AM »
probably doesn't help that i've never played a metal gear game so i had no idea what you meant by the comparison. but yeah, it just goes to show how little of a fuck Lynch gave that fans hated FWWM when it came out. he can make us stare at an empty glass box for 10 minutes and get away with it  - and it was actually compelling. it's almost impossible to have expectations about Twin Peaks aside from the ethereal and supernatural reality of its universe. my favorite thing about it is how unapologetic is in moving from one narrative to another and never treating its audience like complete morons. the questions and mysteries of Twin Peaks might be almost too vague, but i don't know if that's entirely Lynch's fault. in the end i don't even know if that really matters, because a place like the Black Lodge is much like heaven or hell in that it's a personal metaphor - the only difference is that we've more or less been there. dreams were a centerpiece of Twin Peaks, they only have meaning through their interpretation, and they were some of the best moments in the show.

also kinda sad to see how much the cast has aged, especially heartbreaking were the log lady scenes. i'm very glad she was able to film some of her scenes before she passed, though.
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by Bamyasi on Today at 12:11 AM »
Oh by kid I meant like 13 or 14 years old. I wasn't even born when this show originally aired. My dad had the DVDs.

I definitely didn't mean "middle finger" in a bad way. MGS2 is one of my favorite games. This definitely feels like a Lynch production, but as you said, it's way more bleak than I think the original show ever was, despite its subject matter. There's very little of the trademark lightness in the new one. All of the humor is either extremely dry/deadpan or black as hell, like the scenes you mentioned. Four people are brutally murdered in the first two episodes alone, and three of them on-screen. Part of this new feeling might come from Lynch and Frost not having to answer to any of the ABC studio execs who fucked the original show up.

I guess to be fair most of the humor in the original show for me came from the Horn family and obviously Cooper's interactions with the locals, and neither have really fully appeared yet. The difference is in tone but also aesthetics. In the original pilot the best gag is Cooper being overwhelmed by the flora and fauna, in the new one it's him/Bob KOing a gun wielding hillbilly with his bare hands in his introductory scene. In the original pilot Laura's body was wrapped in plastic and looked like a mermaid. In the new one we're greeted with multiple corpses and close-ups of entry and exit wounds.

I think a lot of the levity from the old show also came from how the beautiful Washington scenery was photographed, super idyllically to hide the demonic shit going on in the woods and behind the scenes. The new one looks and feels more like a Lynch movie by way of gritty digital television serial style videography, which David's sworn fealty to. The lack of Angelo Badalamenti's iconic score doesn't add much serenity. Also the fact that the small-town charm is entirely missing with the new almost agoraphobic scope. You put it well, it's less comfortable.

Also as you said, there's nothing nostalgia-baiting about this. It's just different. It's darker. I'd still call it a middle finger but it's also kind of a love letter. Everything I miss about the old show was probably intended to be missed. It's probably not how an S3 would've played out in the early 90s, but imo the studio's meddling (making them reveal Laura's "killer," neutering Cooper and Audrey's romance arc) probably would've made a satisfying conclusion impossible anyway. Anything as good as Twin Peaks was such a product of its time that recapturing the exact magic isn't even a worthy goal. It would've been predictable/cheap and these guys would never have done that, because it's not what their show was about.
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by rtil on Yesterday at 07:57 PM »
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by rtil on Yesterday at 05:11 PM »
who was letting their kids watch twin peaks in the early 90's? i didn't see it until i was much older and on my own time. not that my parents are the type to watch or enjoy twin peaks.

anyway i kind of disagree with your sentiments. the interactions between the scatterbrained old lady and her dog, the paranoid maintenance guy and the cops was classic lynch humor. the relationship between Bill and his wife is reminiscent of the soap-ish drama laced with a hint of mockery that Lynch loved to poke at in the early 90's when it dominated television. then moments of pure Lynchian horror sometimes appear without warning, reminding us that we're only one fire walk away from the demons of the Black Lodge.

my caveat is that the opening for s3 is far more bleak than its origins. we're not visiting the Double R Diner for some coffee and cherry pie any time soon, but i think that's appropriate. there's a lot more going on than investigating the murder of smalltown prom queen.

s3 is a lot bigger and far less comfortable universe than what fans would be used to, but all roads eventually lead back to Twin Peaks. i always remember when Coop said that someday when this is all over, he'd like to live there. i still think that he holds on to those sentiments, and i suspect that if he doesn't die that is the last place we will see him.

i'm also glad that s3 is not trying too hard to recapture every aesthetic of a tv series filmed 25 years ago. "Stranger Things" this is not - and i'm surprised anyone would expect  Lynch/Frost to reduce themselves to nostalgia-baiting. this is a story that they've waited far too long to tell, and they'll do it in their own way.

one other thing i did notice is the absence of music - i can only recall 2 or maybe 3 tracks throughout. i'd like to hear more soon, and i suspect we will. but what i did hear i liked. and i guess i should say i haven't seen eps 3 or 4 yet.
Entertainment / Re: more waves than the sea
« Last post by SrsSam77 on Yesterday at 09:43 AM »
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by Bamyasi on May 22, 2017 08:09 PM »
Second and third episodes were better but anyone going into this series who was a fan of the old one should know anyone who wasn't a fan of the old one shouldn't go into this series, but also that it's a giant MGS2-style middle finger to anyone who was.

Pretty much everything that made the first series enjoyable (levity, tonal variance, exaggerated characters, idyllic small town charm by way of pretty television-style filming which misdirects you from sinister undercurrents, pretty celluloid cinematography, and cheesy synth pads) are pretty much entirely absent in the first four episodes. What remains is surrealism, hammy acting, violence and nudity. Again, pretty much a middle finger to everyone who enjoyed watching this with their family as a kid.
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by Bamyasi on May 21, 2017 08:21 PM »
spent 25 years trapped in the black lodge.
You were right but

Quote from: Lynch and Frost
Twin Peaks: The Return to South Dakota
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by ExBerian on May 21, 2017 07:10 PM »
Or he has been in the bathroom laughing for the past 25 years and just now decided to come out of it.
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by rtil on May 21, 2017 03:55 AM »
right, i just mean how else do you cover the space of time between then and now. the best explanation imo would be that Coop was possessed by BOB in exchange for Annie's safety, and spent 25 years trapped in the black lodge. or something like that. lynch is the one who has the secrets of the log not me
Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks
« Last post by Bamyasi on May 21, 2017 03:29 AM »
Can't wait to find out "How's Annie?"

"How's Annie?"

"How's Annie?"

"How's Annie?"

"How's Annie?"

Also the fact S2 was fucked with so heavily by ABC is proof serial live-action television is the hardest medium to succeed in and with Jews you lose.

idk how else you explain the timeskip
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