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end of file

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« on: April 23, 2008 11:14 AM »
thanks everyone who's watched it so far

Quote from: LordZeebmork
watch tron
people keep telling me to do that. ok i will!

Quote from: anigen

Quote from: Cyke
Quote from: GRINACE
Lol I was about to say that you never uploaded it...

Edit: Umm the quicktime and the link is not working for me...

same here. :<
did you right-click and download the video, and it didn't play anything? you probably need to download the xvid codec. it's free.

Quote from: SHADOWFOX2
Wow...that was pretty good....aaand depressing. This is why I trust Duracell...but you did a very good job, and I recognized Flow fron FL, so well done as far as that too.
which one is flow, is that the beep? cuz that's the only instrument i used in it. the rest was all sfx i mixed in premiere.

edit: wait you're talking about the hologram. i remember using that now

Quote from: Squeef
Ahh yes the joyful terrors of working with 3D.

Did you enjoy Maya more than 3DSMax at least?

oh man I just watched it you may not enjoy 3d but you are really good at it! I'm curious about what you used to make the robot if you did it in nurbs or not I mean. ehh kinda looks like polygonal to me since it's a robot and all you can get away with it too. I really liked it and I know how much of a pain in the ass it was to make that movie by the way. especially because MAYA is such a huge program...
yes, maya is much better than 3dsmax. reason being is that maya was actually created with animators in mind. 3dsmax didn't even have animation tools when it was created, but then users asked for them to be included so they started throwing them in. problem is it that it's clearly not built for animators and its interface is less than forgiving. maya has a weaker workflow but it's clearly  the stronger program. actually, you can make maya a lot stronger because it's almost 100% customizable. you can completely warp the look of the software to the way you want it, make custom menus, shortcuts and amazing custom controls for your rig. but of course you have to learn to do that, i'm not quite there yet. still, compared to the issues i  had with max last year, maya was a total cakewalk. it only crashed on me three or four times the entire year while last year it was an every day issue w/ max.

Quote from: Hammi
End of file was a one fine piece of 3D animation. But i assume 2D is more your style, and indeed it suits you well.
yes indeed. and that's why i'm going right back to it
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