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« Reply #40 on: April 26, 2008 08:52 AM »
Quote from: shittyfurryass
i was expecting something completely awful like i always see on furaffinity but i forgot that 3d can be potentially decent looking like this was
haha i can only imagine what kind of 3d is on furaffinity, i'm guessing most of it would not be appropriate for student work lmao

Quote from: c0rn
Quote from: Tony
Why were you expecting that? You um, kinda realize who was releasing this thing and making screenshots, right?

doesnt usually matter it is a scientific law that most 3d animation will look like a complete grunting ass just look at jimmy neutron and that is professional shyt rite there
c0rn is right. i was half expecting my short to look awful too simply because i was building it in 3d. but somehow i got it the way i wanted it to look. there's still things i wanted to change but i simply ran out of time and had to start rendering. but i do believe that whne you're working in 3d there's a much higher chance it's just going to end up looking like garbage. everyone thinks pretty rendering engines can save you but it's always the animation and models that make people stumble. i've seen so many ugly 3d models and not just in the student realm but in television and theater as well. a lot of 2d design just does not work in 3d.

that's why i did something that wasn't my style in 3d. i figured if i did a robot-like character in a mechanical environment it would make sense, since 3d was originally designed for mechanical things. really when you think about it, making organic things in a workflow designed to be utilized with polygons and hard edges doesn't make any sense. yeah, you can make it work, but i wasn't really looking forward to trying to make all my models look like pixar people (which is what most of everyone else tried to do).