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filedump public beta & new forum embed options

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« Reply #20 on: April 16, 2010 10:08 AM »
bug fixes:
  • filecount and folder size updates on file deletion inside the folder
  • permalinks for files use file ID's instead of names. this will help with stability for filenames with characters that might confuse the browser address bar, and shorten URL's. older permalinks to file players will no longer work
  • file browser is now a global file that will be the same in the unsorted main page and in the folders
known bugs:
  • multiple file selector in folder view doesn't work
upcoming features:
  • ability to view other people's filedumps
  • AJAX uploading w/ progress bar (can't do until i move to VPS)
i'll be updating this topic like this whenever i make changes.

if you guys have any feature requests please let me know, and if you encounter any bugs please explain what you did, how it happened and if you can reproduce it.
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