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« Reply #40 on: June 12, 2008 01:14 AM »
Quote from: naruto102
get the fuck out of here wps we don't like you

more signature material!!!!

also rtil motherfuckr if you knew i wasnt serious you wouldnt have asked

also im indeed not serious enough for this forum and i apologize

i will now start a serious debate about how the flash reaper shall save the online entertainment industry!!
Quote from: KingDavid
WPS you are really immature, RTIL is a nice normal guy and i'm not kissing his ass either - he's earned his title, and that's my opinion. Why the fuck would you join RTIL's forum if you had a problem with him and his society? I thought you left besides, yes you have talent but that doesn't give you the right to be an arrogant prick - i don't even care if you're joking.
Quote from: deadSTAR
I'm allowed to be a hypocrite, I'm better than you wps.
Quote from: taylor
seriously wps and sinister are the most annoying people on the forums next to like yungjazz and mindchamber

every post by wps is elitist shit in all caps and telling people that they suck
Quote from: f0d
wps and sinister are gay with all their hateful shit
Quote from: naruto102
get the fuck out of here wps we don't like you
PigletsMemories says:
Your art may be good, but you're still a complete, senseless asshole.