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new layout?

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« Reply #20 on: September 25, 2007 03:40 PM »
Quote from: MishkaMash
rtil you could even set it in the holidays, like 4th of July would be red white and blue and/or fireworks (maybe in that piconjo pic you did earlier)  or Halloween with pumpkins, ghosts, etc... but that would be extra work

It's up to you
i could figure out how to program that in eventually. for now i'll just change it manually

Quote from: W.A.C.
The layout's concept is cool but yeah, I'm glad to hear the final version will look a lot better since the buttons look horrible. Having the links look like lights will probably look good though. The orange-redish color in the backgrounds doesn't look very good IMO.
gradient will change
it looks fine on my old crt but most flatscreens make it look like barf
i'll wash it out more