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San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Recap

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« Reply #40 on: July 29, 2009 06:23 PM »
Quote from: rtil
that video is the newgrounds booth in a nutshell. a lot of awkward kids coming by and realizing they have nothing interesting to say

That describes the website perfectly as well.

Here are my fond comic con memories. Yeah I went.

I got onto my plane at about 20 O'Clock PM

we flew for about 40 hours and only experienced engine failure about 4 or 5 times. which is a new safety record for planes!

finally I arrived at the con

there sure were alot of people wandering around in CRAZY costumes!
i was impressed at all the creativity on display

these guys were a hoot and they killed many germans

and i got to meet so many famous people from newgrounds!

i got to meet jonas who spent the whole con talking about why i blocked his mindless self on aim and how much he wishes he had other interests besides the bbs

and tom who was busy avoiding anything slightly negative

and wade who was busy taking money out of the ng register and shoving it up his butt

and i met kirbopher who was shouting something about zelda

and then it was time to meet celebrities!!!!!!!!!!1
which was the whole purpose of spending my life savings to come here!

i got to meet miyazaki who said he actually hates kids. especially girls. and all his movies are meant to be ironic.

and then i met john k who was discussing why everyone around him were untalented hacks

and then i got to meet j_seed. he demanded i say 'f' and so i did right in his fuckin face

and then i met ansel who was screaming about the guy who walks behind the rows or something

and then i met rtil who was hugging everyone for no reason

i also got to meet eyelovepoozy who was angrily thrashing around while spitting saliva and 4chan memes everywhere

later on i got to meet john lasseter who told me that cars 2 will feature more cars than the previous one

and pen ward and thurop van orman

and then i met jhonen vasquez who sang the DOOM song and held up a spork

after that it was time for the ng party!!!!!!

i got really drunk after a few of these:

then a fight broke out between rtil and the swain

but noone one. nobody wins in this con.

and then we all shot ourselves when we realized what we were doing

it was the best trip ever