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artrocity exhibition

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« Reply #40 on: January 15, 2017 11:46 PM »
i just make a note to work on a study at least everyday. i try to get one done per day but that feels out of my skill range right now but i know some people do it. there's a daily thing people do on the forums? ever go there? thoughts on it? (are there any good art forums out there i should know about?)

personally i have mixed feelings about studies. i know they're essential for gaining skill but i feel like they're kind of moot if you don't challenge yourself into making something original out of what you've learned. i feel like i haven't transformed the studies into an original thing and i've squandered whatever knowledge i've gained from it. i secretly hope that's not the case! i feel like i've improved but i'm still gonna try to make more original stuff to protect my mind. i feel like it'll help me get better faster along with my studies. do you think my studies and my original stuff is too far apart quality wise? any favourites or least favourites? do you like studying yourself? do you study things you hate? do you 'endure' studying? how much of drawing is 'enduring' vs 'fun'? what's more important? do the two become one for you?
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