TF2 and animation
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Serious art thrØd

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« on: April 19, 2014 09:12 PM »
i would echo what i've read so far but my main concern is that your anatomy and construction is feeling a little flat. i know that you've told me on irc you've been looking into a lot of anatomy and drawing books and that is great. the more information you can feed your brain about it and apply it the better you'll be able to improve. it will take a long time but eventually your hand will start to memorize the way every stroke should go. there are also lots of great references on these two tumblrs: which you can use for reference, and if you'd like to practice life drawing there are a ton of great nude figures on deviantart as well as this ife drawing practice session app i may have already linked you.

the human body is a very challenging subject so it's also ok to focus on one piece of it at a time . liked doing many studies on just heads, faces, or hands. etc