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Serious art thrØd

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« on: May 6, 2014 10:56 AM »
I really like the fact that you are deviating from the common pattern. A lot of your ideas and compositions are highly dynamic, which is something I price much more over actual execution. The execution value is certainly not the best, but you are slowly heading in the right direction (and there are a bunch of people that can help you in case you deviate too much). What I can see is that you draw rather quickly, which is not a bad thing at all, as working too much on the same thing gets you nowhere good. However, in this case, I am afraid that this might be a bit too quickly. Too hastily done.

I mean, you definitely could fill out the void with a more fulfilling amount of darkness than just a few light strokes of the pencil. Though I believe white void wouldn't work that badly either. In either case, the immense light reflected from a planet causes the rest of the universe to go completely dim, where not a single star can be seen, so in either case you get a pitch-black void. As for the shadow on the planet, it needs to be uniform. A transition from the light side to the dark sides rarely takes more than five kilometres, obviously depending on how large the celestial body is, but that really is of zero significance if viewed from afar.

Also, don't take this the wrong way at all, but I am not entirely sure what the object in the lower right is supposed to represent: some kind of station or a ship cockpit that reflects the surroundings? There seems to be vague detail in all this and makes identifying items hard. You just need to do more decisive strokes and plan beforehand what you want to do, naturally using rough sketches and perhaps even take a sheet of paper to make a draft to make sure it will look good before wasting your eraser rubber on removing something that didn't look good to begin with. The hardest part of designing anything for any scenery is making up some architecture. For any starting artists and designers, they will use references from all over the Internet to get themselves an idea of what exactly they want to do - because it's hard to imagine some 'typical science-fiction catwalks' (just as an example) if you've never done them. However, as you do something more and more, you will be less and less dependent on outside references and your mind will start imagining things it never has done before. Sometimes maybe really elaborate things will reveal themselves to you in your daydreams, and in some cases even dreams.

Just keep doing what you do.
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It's really good