doritos and a feminine penis
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Quote #16 | Submitted by: rtil on 12:55AM, August 22nd, 2012
Score: 11
( +11 )
[13:06] < nonzop> Mew let out a soft purr as she felt Pikachu’s cock against her entrance, “You dare fuck a legendary?” Mew teased as she broke the kiss.
[13:06] < nonzop> “I do.” Pikachu said with a cocky smirk as he started rubbing Mew against his body. Mew let out a gasp as her breast and vigina were being stimulated simultaneously. Pikachu could feel Mew’s nipples harden as they rested on his chest, both pokemon panted as they stared in to one another’s eyes.
Quote #15 | Submitted by: rtil on 12:53AM, August 22nd, 2012
Score: 2
( +2 )
<ry99an> whales are sad because they are fat
Quote #14 | Submitted by: rtil on 12:50AM, August 22nd, 2012
Score: 2
( +2 )
[03:01] <~rtil> if we listen to eachother's heart
[03:01] <~rtil> and find we're never too far apart
[03:01] <~rtil> and maybe love is the reason why
[03:01] <~rtil> for the first time ever
[03:01] <~rtil> seein' it
[03:01] <~rtil> eye 2 eye
[03:02] < optilimusprime> powerline
[03:02] < logen> wth
[03:02] <~rtil> DO THE PERFECT CAST
[03:02] <~rtil> YOU RUIN EVERYTHING
[03:02] < optilimusprime> "the end" a goofy movie rated R
Quote #13 | Submitted by: dilly on 10:52PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: 4
( +4 )
<@reptilicus> i have a vhs of jurassic park still
<@reptilicus> first pg13 movie i ever watched and owned
<@reptilicus> 2nd being the 6th Sense
<@reptilicus> which i saw for my birthday
Quote #12 | Submitted by: etch on 6:00PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: -16
(-16 )
quote submit
Quote #11 | Submitted by: Shida on 3:39PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: -1
( +1 | -2 )
<@Shida> I should get my shoes on
<@Shida> and prepare for 3 hours of 'siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh'
< lenks> 3 hours of lethal dick
<@Shida> lenks if you want someone to do you can take my exam for me
<@Shida> lmao
<@Shida> someone to do
<@Shida> something to do
<@Shida> this exam is gonna go great!
<@Shida> also lenks your face is a lethal dick, just had to say
<@Shida> ;I
< DARKGAMER6669> chicken arise
< DARKGAMER6669> arise chicken arise
< lenks> um i know that i try to get by with a lethal dick on my face but u always have 2 bring it up
<@Shida> ;( I'm sorry bby i kno its tough
<@Shida> u no i steel luv u
< DARKGAMER6669> once again i am in a conversation with 2 smelly brits
< lenks> lmao, steel
< DARKGAMER6669> *sigh*
< lenks> >_>
< lenks> <_<


<@Shida> yeah Shads you never talk and when you do
<@Shida> your mic is so quiet
<@Shida> okay I should probably go get my coat and stuff and head off
< lenks> shads is too busy making ANTHEMS
<@SHADOWFOX2> You all are just so loud
<@Shida> I'm not loud
< lenks> have fun in your boring lecture at university (pfffft) nerd student baby
<@Shida> I am quiet
<@Shida> It's not a lecture ;______;
< lenks> oops
<@Shida> I wish it was
<@SHADOWFOX2> I'm dumb anyways I have nothing interesting to say
< lenks> well i messed that up
<@Shida> yea
<@Shida> you jerk
<@Shida> god
<@Shida> just
<@Shida> my feelings
< lenks> pffft....students....
<@SHADOWFOX2> Why after all this time....
<@Shida> exam time!
lenks> my feelings cant explain
<@Shida> 40 minute walk!
< Thurnis_Haley> goodbye shida
<@Shida> OKAY
<%lenks> cya fearn
<%lenks> 'good'
<%lenks> 'luck'
<@Shida> bastard
<@Shida> :P
<@Shida> okay bye
<%lenks> lmao
Quote #10 | Submitted by: creamcorn on 3:37PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: 4
( +5 | -1 )
< Ashington> superwigger sounds like some crazy homeless man
< Ashington> who used to own a wig store before it went bust
< Ashington> getting bitten by a radioactive pigeon
< Ashington> and using his power of speed and flight to shoot around the city and crazy speeds
< Ashington> dispensing wigs to those in need of some chrome on their dome
Quote #9 | Submitted by: creamcorn on 3:33PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: 3
( +3 )
< wwchicken> joke time!
<Lionsef> okay!
< wwchicken> I like my women like my sponges...
< wwchicken> yellow and full of wet holes
<Metroid62> ?
<Metroid62> oh
<Metroid62> you'll love spongebob then
<Metroid62> she's both
< wwchicken> your turn to joke
<Lionsef> sorry against my religion
< wwchicken> sorry i didnt mean any disrespec
< wwchicken> my turn
<Lionsef> good luck out there, champ
< wwchicken> i like my beer like my mountains
< wwchicken> huge
<Metroid62> I thought you said dicks for a second there
< wwchicken> i like my beer like my dicks
< wwchicken> huge
< wwchicken> i like my money like my pimples
< wwchicken> green
< wwchicken> i like my toes like my computer
< wwchicken> well organised
<BluPhoenix> i like my insane AIs like i like my chicken
<BluPhoenix> beaten
< wwchicken> i like my bluphoenix like i like my constipated bowels
< wwchicken> not
< wwchicken> i like my armchair like i like my couch
< wwchicken> comfortable to sit on
<Lionsef> wow
<Lionsef> why arent you a millionaire
<Lionsef> are are you?
<BluPhoenix> [22:00] < wwchicken> i like my bluphoenix like i like my constipated bowels
<BluPhoenix> [22:01] < wwchicken> not
<BluPhoenix> wtf man i wasnt talking about you
< wwchicken> but i was
<BluPhoenix> rude
< wwchicken> i like my women like i like my meat
< wwchicken> a lot
<Lionsef> the best
<BluPhoenix> i like my women like i like my chips
<BluPhoenix> heavily salted
<Lionsef> gross
< wwchicken> i like my coffee like i like my women
< wwchicken> i dont like coffee
<BluPhoenix> forever alone
< wwchicken> i like my video games like i like my movies
< wwchicken> because theyre equally nice
<BluPhoenix> i like my anime like i like my mysteries
<BluPhoenix> a little ECCHI dohohoho
<Lionsef> softcore?
< wwchicken> i dont get it
<BluPhoenix> pun on 'sketchy'
<Lionsef> yeah neither do I
< [cipher]> i get it!
< wwchicken> me too
<Lionsef> I know what ecchi means
<Lionsef> but
<Lionsef> whatever fine Ill give it to you
<Lionsef> 2/3
<BluPhoenix> i dont want your damn lemons
<Lionsef> but they're half price
<BluPhoenix> burn your house down
<BluPhoenix> with the lemons
< wwchicken> i like my 'i like my x like i like my y jokes' like i like my blowjobs
< wwchicken> good and not from bluephoenix
< wwchicken> jk you give good blowjobs
<Lionsef> sorry we removed the combustible centers cause of customer complaint
<BluPhoenix> thank you.
<Lionsef> you spelled bluphoenix wrong
<BluPhoenix> who cars
< wwchicken> no i spelled it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
< wwchicken> asshole...
<Lionsef> okay
<Lionsef> ill give it to you
<Lionsef> 1/2
< wwchicken> i like my fridge like i like my cupboard
< wwchicken> full of corpses
<Lionsef> ed gein
< wwchicken> i like my video games like i like my girls
< wwchicken> but sometimes i like video games more
<BluPhoenix> id advise you vouch for loveplus
<BluPhoenix> i like my 'i like my x like i like my y jokes' from chicken like i like my russian roulette
<BluPhoenix> both ending with me blowing my brains out
< wwchicken> you like your russian roulettes to end like that?
<BluPhoenix> yes
Quote #8 | Submitted by: rtil on 3:26PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: 6
( +12 | -6 )
test quote please ignore
Quote #7 | Submitted by: Shida on 3:21PM, August 21st, 2012
Score: 6
( +6 )
<~rtil> shida wake up
<spite> yeah I have an artist* working on our band logo
<spite> *that asshole friend of yours that knows how to pirate photoshop
* Shida (fefe@Britland.City) has joined #thebackalleys
* Warden sets mode: o Shida
< Isabella> Hello, Shida
<spite> whoa rtil
< sevv> what the fuck
<spite> are you some kind of
<spite> wizard?
<@Shida> ?
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