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Quote #183 | Submitted by: Flee on 8:29PM, September 5th, 2013
Score: 3
( +3 )
<+bd648> what if like
<+bd648> i got obamas brain
<+bd648> and put it in a random dude's body
<+bd648> would he be allowed to run for president?
<+bd648> would i be in jail?
Quote #174 | Submitted by: Flee on 11:40AM, July 18th, 2013
Score: 5
( +5 )
<salutations> wild 4 the night
<salutations> fuck bein polite
<salutations> oh fuk wrong chat
Quote #160 | Submitted by: Flee on 11:53PM, May 6th, 2013
Score: 1
( +1 )
<+slack> weekly reminder that i won
<+slack> [01:39:17] --ChanServ-- Information for channel #pizza:
<+slack> [01:39:17] --ChanServ-- Founder: slack
<~rtil> you are the lord of your own mountain of shit
<~rtil> a shitlord, if you will
<+slack> but it's MY mountain of shit
<+slack> it's all i have
<+slack> without my empty irc channels
<+slack> i am nothing
Quote #149 | Submitted by: Flee on 11:03PM, April 11th, 2013
Score: 1
( +1 )
<dilly> the oldies station is playing a lot of barry white
<dilly> this must be the time when old people fuck
Quote #123 | Submitted by: Flee on 5:49AM, February 13th, 2013
Score: 6
( +6 )
<@reptilicus> holy shit this is a bad remix
<@reptilicus> its like an orchestra falling down a flight of stairs and hitting a bunch of baby carriages on the way down and landing on a group of clowns who all HONK simultaneously
Quote #105 | Submitted by: Flee on 9:37PM, December 30th, 2012
Score: 2
( +2 )
< ZennyPLUS> hmm
< ZennyPLUS> what's going on in here
< G3no> something sexual
< ZennyPLUS> i need an adult
Quote #55 | Submitted by: Flee on 12:01AM, October 16th, 2012
Score: 3
( +4 | -1 )
<zhi> fluffkomix
<Andeh-> bd648
<bd648> andeh-
<ExBerian> ExBerian!!!! :D
<zhi> youre all banned
Quote #54 | Submitted by: Flee on 8:01PM, October 13th, 2012
Score: 6
( +6 )
* Joins: WALDO
* HatsuneMiku sets mode: v WALDO
<HatsuneMiku> Hey look everyone, it's WALDO!
* Quits: WALDO
Quote #43 | Submitted by: Flee on 9:01PM, September 24th, 2012
Score: 1
( +1 )
squf: issen up u lil shit dick you cant just sit there and be all smug "heh heh i just dont care i am being so satirical and destroying everything around me" because then nothing ever fucking gets done
its just a stupid piece of shit sucking his own shitty lil virgin dick and thinking he cool and it only works for a couple of years in your gay teen years before you realize what a fuckin useless piece of shit youre bein and start to wise up
you got to be powerful and strong willed to be the shit in this world lil dawg and i dont think you got what it fuckin takes cuz you arejust pretendin to be so fuckin hot shit when you dont even have any idea whats goin on
you are going to be crushed under the immense weight of real shit lil dog and i dont know if you can handle it. real shit. i was once just like you and then i grew a brain, a dick, and a heart. real shit. you need to wise up on ya mission mothafucken ghetto blasta bastards comin from tha heart of hell to chug and suck your itty bitty baby balls off. post this shit everywher. qtiyd. all them lil faggots need to know the next level is here its clear and you mothafuckin lil poochy wawas are bout to git runt tha fuck over.
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