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Quote #368 | Submitted by: bd648 on 1:38PM, January 31st, 2016
Score: 4
( +4 )
16:31 bd im currently trying to work my way out of a confusing physics problem and was checking if shida was here
16:33 Shine Oh?
16:34 Shine Sorry
16:34 Shine Insane lagging arm
16:34 Shine Arm
16:34 Shine Oh my shitting hell A T M
16:35 bd all is well
16:35 Sirius7 bd if you want to summon shida you'll need a pitcher of earl grey and some cheeky nandos
16:35 *** Shida joined #thebackalleys ~Fefe@31229709.EBFDB290.72EF3B2.IP
16:35 +++ Warden has given op to Shida
16:35 HatsuneMiku It's our good friend, Shida!
16:35 Shine Holy shit
16:35 systech !!!
16:35 Shine It worked
16:36 Shida ?
16:36 Shida ?????????
16:36 Shida I don't even recall opening mIRC
Quote #310 | Submitted by: bd648 on 4:31PM, August 7th, 2015
Score: 3
( +3 )
[07:27.49] <+slack> what kind of reproductive organs to gungeons have
[07:27.54] <~rtil> meesa gonna mooey mooey your vagooey till yoosa bombad boomey
Quote #275 | Submitted by: bd648 on 8:45PM, March 19th, 2015
Score: 1
( +1 )
[11:30pm] dilly: that guy's package is an optical illusion
[11:30pm] zwimmy: lmao
[11:30pm] bd648: lmfao
[11:30pm] dilly: iluminati confirmed
Quote #273 | Submitted by: bd648 on 9:03AM, March 17th, 2015
Score: 5
( +5 )
TBAllie: [ Boy wakes from coma addicted to cheese and swearing - Yahoo7 ] -
slack: he woke up from a coma and realised he was me
Quote #268 | Submitted by: bd648 on 3:52PM, February 10th, 2015
Score: 3
( +3 )
rtil: would you put [scary sounding science word] in your body?? of course not!!!!! vacciness have it!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Shida: I would rather be autistic than dead or suffer from some awful diseases
bd648: do you want dihydrogen monoxide in your body!?
Shida: OH GOD
bd648: YA
Quote #208 | Submitted by: bd648 on 10:20PM, March 14th, 2014
Score: 3
( +3 )
[01:17am] bd648: i hear the victorian era has quite the gangsta life
[01:17am] lenko: charlie D
[01:17am] bd648: yo you herd from victor III?
[01:17am] bd648: dat gentleman is off the hook
[01:18am] lenko: and his latest bangin anthem "a tale of two hoods"
Quote #200 | Submitted by: bd648 on 6:14PM, January 27th, 2014
Score: 3
( +3 )
reptilicus: the scariest ghost footage i ever saw was where they recorded a voice going "i have the body of a pig ha ha ha" on a microphone in some abandoned place
reptilicus: most other stuff just isnt of interest
reptilicus: like oh hey the ghost made a placemat fall off a table what a mischevous bastard
Quote #196 | Submitted by: bd648 on 9:59PM, December 27th, 2013
Score: 2
( +2 )
G3no: bazzingabazzingabazzingabdisextremelygaybazzingazinga
bd648: I SEE THAT
dilly: i read that as bd is sextreme
dilly: and i got really uncomfortable
Quote #186 | Submitted by: bd648 on 4:49PM, October 21st, 2013
Score: 2
( +3 | -1 )
shadowfox2: If java says it's impossible, reprogram it to say otherwise
Quote #177 | Submitted by: bd648 on 1:52AM, August 6th, 2013
Score: 1
( +2 | -1 )
[04:49am] bd648: romance
[04:49am] bd648: is a maze
[04:49am] bd648: of chocolate
[04:49am] Haru: and Ds
[04:49am] bd648: really fuckin rich chocolate
[04:49am] bd648: there are Ds
[04:49am] bd648: but the Ds are irrelevant
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