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Quote #328 | Submitted by: Shida on 11:52AM, October 3rd, 2015
Score: 2
( +2 )
[19:41] <@Shida> ur such a d
[19:42] <@Shads> it could be worse
[19:42] <@Shads> I could be a bd
Quote #281 | Submitted by: Shida on 2:25PM, March 29th, 2015
Score: 4
( +4 )
<+Thor> could you fart your own polka music?
<@reptilicus> that would make life much easier
Quote #148 | Submitted by: Shida on 12:01PM, April 11th, 2013
Score: 2
( +2 )
<+Kooh-> oh i get it, its alluding to me being banged on by five guys
<@dilly> I puked on every wheat
<@dilly> and you were in
<@dilly> n
<@dilly> out
<@dilly> IN
<+Kooh-> right
<@dilly> N
<@dilly> OUUUUT
<+Kooh-> gay seckz
<@dilly> also not banged on
<@dilly> banged over
* @dilly rimshot
<+Kooh-> well what are we waiting for
<+Kooh-> lets get that quote on the page
<@dilly> RIMSHOT
<@dilly> HNGHYRHG
Quote #131 | Submitted by: Shida on 3:32PM, February 20th, 2013
Score: 3
( +3 )
<+kooh-> like omg gairl
<+kooh-> totally awesomeeee
<+lenko> hey girl u better check ur texts
<+lenko> like totally
<+kooh-> fo shooo
<+kooh-> *snap snap*
Quote #130 | Submitted by: Shida on 12:38AM, February 18th, 2013
Score: 2
( +2 )
<+kooh-> is DNF better than ACM?
<@reptilicus> slightly
<@reptilicus> in the same way picking up a toad and not having it piss in your hand
<@reptilicus> is more desirable than aforementioned toad taking a piss
Quote #112 | Submitted by: Shida on 11:30AM, January 19th, 2013
Score: 5
( +5 )
< slack> [13:28:57] <%RizonIRPG> slack [194/580] has come upon cock [21/843] and taken them in combat! 0 days, 03:41:09 is removed from slack's clock.
< slack> i have taken a cock
< slack> what the fuck
<@dilly> what
<@dilly> lmfao
< bd648> good job
< bd648> its about time
<@dilly> the day slack discovered he swam the other way
Quote #79 | Submitted by: Shida on 4:30PM, November 28th, 2012
Score: 3
( +3 )
< bd648> `trout
* Pharazon slaps bd648 around a bit with a large trout.
< bd648> WHYYY
Quote #68 | Submitted by: Shida on 5:26PM, November 15th, 2012
Score: 2
( +2 )
<@Shida> A haiku about feelings:
<@Shida> Feelings are awful.
<@Shida> I do not recommend them.
<@Shida> Zero out of ten.
<@dilly> a haiku about fucks
<@dilly> fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
<@dilly> fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
<@dilly> fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
* @dilly snaps
* @dilly bangs on congo drum
* @dilly curtains close
<~rtil> there are lots of fucks
<~rtil> i dont give a single fuck
< Thor> I approve of these
< Thor> haikus for all of us here
<~rtil> so get the fuck out
< Thor> [witty remark here]
<@dilly> SNORT
* @dilly ( Quit (Quit: I'M SINNNNNNGIN DUH RAIN)
<~rtil> you interrupted me
Quote #50 | Submitted by: Shida on 5:10PM, October 9th, 2012
Score: 11
( +11 )
<@torchtililight> holy
<@torchtililight> fucking
<@torchtililight> shit
<@torchtililight> listen up you faggotrons.
<@torchtililight> next time you make ANYTHING
<@torchtililight> WITH BACON
<@torchtililight> you put fucking garlic on it
<@torchtililight> i do not give a shit if you are allergic
<@torchtililight> i do not give a shit if you are a vampire
<@torchtililight> you have been eating bacon wrong for years
<@torchtililight> i came last night
<@torchtililight> from a sandwich
<@torchtililight> and wept bitterly into my pillow
Quote #34 | Submitted by: Shida on 3:46PM, September 10th, 2012
Score: 8
( +8 )
[21:42] <@reptilicus> "Feds can't catch newest drug submarines"
[21:43] <@reptilicus> holy shit
[21:43] <@dilly> dude
[21:43] <@dilly> that writes itself
[21:43] <@reptilicus> i want a movie about
[21:43] <@reptilicus> underwater drug cartels
[21:43] <@dilly> drug runnera who use a submarine to cart shit around
[21:44] < rtil[L]> you know the mob's gotten out of control when they can afford submarines
[21:44] <@reptilicus> "this is pretty good stuff ese. too bad you wont be alive to enjoy it. PERISCOPE DOWN, HOMBRES"
[21:44] <@reptilicus> and then a wooden torpedo made of pinata paper
[21:44] <@reptilicus> comes soaring through the water
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