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Quote #389 | Submitted by: d-floe on 9:15PM, March 26th, 2016
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Quote #387 | Submitted by: d-floe on 6:19PM, March 17th, 2016
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<rtil> if u sing anime songs to a plant every day in a few months it will cum
Quote #369 | Submitted by: d-floe on 7:35PM, February 2nd, 2016
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<rtil> show me your rarest pepe
Quote #362 | Submitted by: d-floe on 6:13PM, January 16th, 2016
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<systech> a smooth criminal
<Kizunami> honey are you ok
<Kizunami> are you ok
<Kizunami> youve been hit by
<Kizunami> psh
<Kizunami> youve been hit by
<Kizunami> psh psh
<Binary-2> black people
Quote #355 | Submitted by: d-floe on 3:53PM, December 26th, 2015
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[16:09] <+Kizunami> You're on the front porch of an old antique house
[16:10] <+Kizunami> You decide that the weather is too hot and damp and decide to come inside for some fresh air conditioning
[16:11] <+Kizunami> It's August 18th 1994 just by the shore of Miami
[16:12] <+Kizunami> You open the gold trimmed mahogany door, an antique design carved into the frame of the door
[16:13] <+Kizunami> The house is surrounded with shuttered windows, unable to see the inside from out here
[16:14] <+Kizunami> As you open the door you notice the inside of the house is lit very well and all the walls and floor are a blank tingent white
[16:14] <+Lishy> uh
[16:14] <+Lishy> what
[16:14] <+Kizunami> There's no furniture but a single framed picture hung on the wall
[16:14] <+Kizunami> You make your way closer and notice a caption on the photo
[16:15] <+Kizunami> The caption reads "black people"
[16:15] <+Kizunami> That's all you remember before you blacked out
[16:16] <+Kizunami> You don't even remember what the photo was
[16:16] <+Kizunami> All you can seem to remember
[16:16] <+Kizunami> Was black people
[16:16] <+Kizunami> It's December 9th 2003
[16:17] <+Kizunami> You wake up in a car with your presumed family driving you home
[16:17] <+Kizunami> Your presumed wife asks you about the gallery
[16:18] <+Kizunami> "Black people"
[16:18] <+Kizunami> It's all you said
[16:18] <+Kizunami> All that left your mouth
[16:19] <+Kizunami> your family looks puzzled then uncomfortable
[16:20] <+Kizunami> "We don't talk about that anymore sweety"
[16:20] <+Kizunami> Your wife says
[16:20] <+Kizunami> She crosses her arms with a grim look on her face
[16:21] <+Kizunami> You cross your arms
[16:21] Quit: Sirius7 [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:21] <+Kizunami> Suddenly you realise something
[16:21] <+Kizunami> Who's driving the car?
[16:22] <+Kizunami> "Black people did this"
[16:22] <+Kizunami> You exclaim
[16:23] <+Kizunami> She's ashamed
[16:23] <+Kizunami> You try to leave the moving vehicle
[16:23] <+Kizunami> The doors are welded shut
[16:24] <+Kizunami> "Black"
[16:24] <+Kizunami> "People"
[16:30] <+Lishy> ..
Quote #348 | Submitted by: d-floe on 8:46PM, December 6th, 2015
Score: 4
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<Kizunami> I shit my pants in the 90s
<Kizunami> so I know that it stinks
<zwimmy> you still do
<dilly> stinky baby through and through
<dilly> 5ever
<Kizunami> are you saying you dont shit your pants
<zwimmy> no
<Kizunami> youre not saying you dont shit your pants
<zwimmy> GET
Quote #345 | Submitted by: d-floe on 10:03PM, November 26th, 2015
Score: 4
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<bamyasi> I'm a vegetarian but I would still kill and eat Bluesalt if given the chance
Quote #343 | Submitted by: d-floe on 6:53AM, November 22nd, 2015
Score: 2
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<[Dust]> I should be sleeping
<Kizunami> I had a dream where soup and someone else
<Kizunami> were at my house
<[Dust]> Was it me?
<Kizunami> and soup was eating this huge bowl of orange chicken
<Kizunami> idk who it was, it was a girl
<Kizunami> I had to scream at soup because he wouldnt stop throwing orange chicken around my room
<[Dust]> that sounds like something he'd do
Quote #342 | Submitted by: d-floe on 10:40PM, November 19th, 2015
Score: 4
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[00:34] <+Kizu> Who will be the next new TBA member
[00:34] Join: tba_051 []
[00:35] <+greeenkitten> this fag I assume
[00:35] <tba_051> im gay
[00:36] <+Kizu> Not again
Quote #339 | Submitted by: d-floe on 10:25AM, November 2nd, 2015
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<rtil> I'm gay
<bam> I'm gay
<slack> I'm gay
<BluPhoenix> I'm gay
<elm> I'm gay
<zwimmy> I'm gay
<Kizunami> Like comment and subscribe
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