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Quote #325 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 2:25AM, September 27th, 2015
Score: 4
( +4 )
<+Sirius7> file:///C:/Users/Jimjam/AppData/Local/Temp/1442820183101.gif
<+Sirius7> hey guys I made a thing
<+AoiYamada> is that a real url?
<+AoiYamada> can't even open the link
<+Sirius7> oh goddamn it
<+Suriko> lol
<+AoiYamada> you had one job
<@reptilicus> > linking to your computer
<+Sirius7> now people know about my super embarrassing pc name
<@reptilicus> > saving things in appdata
<@reptilicus> u w o t
<+AoiYamada> guys lets just do him a favor and pretend this didn't happen
<+Sirius7> here we go
<+AoiYamada> Did you draw this?
<+Sirius7> no
<+Sirius7> but I found a neat site that allows you to manipulate photos/give them depth
<+Sirius7> and make them into figs
<~rtil> sam i don't think you did it right lol
<+AoiYamada> to me it's just something hovering up and down
<+Sirius7> thats all it's supposed to be
<+Sirius7> it's a simple gif thingy
<+Sirius7> apparently if you get real good with it you can turn hentai pictures into hentai
<+AoiYamada> Then you got the job done.
<~rtil> i just mean you failed to give it depth
<~rtil> it just looks like it's flying around
<~rtil> unless it's automated or something
<@reptilicus> i dunno rtil it looks like hentai to me
<@reptilicus> i can barely see the screen on account of my boner in the way
<~rtil> i'm skeptical now
Quote #292 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 7:19AM, April 27th, 2015
Score: 2
( +3 | -1 )
Maho: here comes the money eyyyyy
Maho: exact quotes from valve hq
Maho: man i used to work literally across the street
Maho: from valve
Maho: in bellevue wash
a loaf of bread.: rip valve's legacy
a loaf of bread.: which was already tattered
a loaf of bread.: due to the ruination of tf2
Maho: bellevue is such a kick ass town
a loaf of bread.: and the fact they havent made shit in 3 years
Maho: nobody was there to grieve for tf2
Maho: tf2 is the drug addict that used to have friends
Maho: with nobody at the funeral
Quote #256 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 8:57PM, November 2nd, 2014
Score: 2
( +2 )
<~rtil> my left hand only has one job
Quote #252 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 5:20AM, October 9th, 2014
Score: 4
( +4 )
<+Sirius7> this is interesting
<@reptilicus> this is a hilarious way of causing more facebook spam
<@reptilicus> I like it
<~rtil> thunderclap is the most vapid social media platform ever created
<~rtil> it's like holding in a huge fart for as long as you can
<~rtil> then going into a room full of farts
<~rtil> and letting it out
Quote #142 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 7:27PM, March 22nd, 2013
Score: 1
( +1 )
<+Kooh-> buy a dog
<+Sinitron> bloated and full of air
Quote #99 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 8:57PM, December 21st, 2012
Score: 3
( +3 )
< slack> but one time i dreamed that i pissed all over myself and i woke up with piss all over myself
<@reptilicus> lmaaaaaaooooooooooo
< slack> i guess that's a "wet dream"
< bd648> well ok
<%Koohmander_Sergi> no
<%Koohmander_Sergi> you guessed wrong
<%Koohmander_Sergi> im sorry
< slack> pee is wet man
< slack> so it was a dream in which i woke up wet
<@reptilicus> ...imagine if pee was dry
<@reptilicus> like a powder
< slack> god
<@reptilicus> you have to squeeze out
<@reptilicus> jesus
< bd648> mind-fuck
< slack> imagine if pee was gloopy
< slack> like gogurt
< slack> and you had to sqeeze out
< bd648> eh.
< bd648> that would be less weird
<@reptilicus> like icing a cake
< slack> ahaha
< ExBerian> XDDDDDD what did i come backk too?
< slack> the harder you squeeze the more comes out
<@reptilicus> TBA: pee viscosity conversations
Quote #97 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 8:29AM, December 21st, 2012
Score: 3
( +3 )
< bd648> i just shove that thing in my mouth and force it down
Quote #81 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 8:18AM, November 29th, 2012
Score: 1
( +1 )
<@dilly> also "I'm majoring in journalism but I'm late for french class" sounds like a panic at the disco song title
Quote #80 | Submitted by: ZekeySpaceyLizard on 7:20AM, November 29th, 2012
Score: 2
( +2 )
< salutations> i really didn't want to see any vagina this early in the morning
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