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Quote #350 | Submitted by: dilly on 11:00PM, December 10th, 2015
Score: 1
( +1 )
<+ExBerian> are you gonna work for them thor
<@dilly> thor is too busy doing sweet archery shots
<+Thor> I'd consider it down the line
<+Thor> that too
<@dilly> also i almost forgot to put the I in doing
<+Thor> they're film VFX though
<+Thor> I'm game FX
<@dilly> so it would have been "thor is too busy dong"
<+Thor> which I enjoy more B]
<@dilly> and that's not right
<@dilly> oh
<+Thor> dilly do you want to see my dong
<@dilly> i'm ok thank you though
<~rtil> ∩( ・ω・)∩
<+Thor> this dong is very similar to the one I have
<@dilly> hahahah
<+Thor> sometimes I take it out to show the ladies
<+Thor> my dong
<+Thor> they're like
<+Thor> "Damn, that's a big dong"
<@dilly> does your dong smell nice?
<~rtil> the things i'd do with 20,000 dongs
<+Thor> no it smells like old leather
<@dilly> manly dong
<+Thor> I should air it out more
<@dilly> take your dong out for a drive
<+Thor> hang it out the window even
<@dilly> a nice place to go would be the local playground
<~rtil> just wash your hands after touching dongs, you don't know where they've been
<@dilly> so that the kids could also check out your dong
<+Thor> I know where this dong's been B]
<~rtil> :o
<+Thor> I never show the kids my dong
<+Thor> that's just wrong
<+Thor> I'm afraid they might try to grab it and run off with it
<@dilly> then they'll continue to grow in a dong-less society
<+Thor> because it's so colorful
<+Thor> they could grab their own dongs if they wanted
Quote #235 | Submitted by: dilly on 9:50PM, July 25th, 2014
Score: 4
( +4 )
<besketweber> also zekey how much do you like minecraft
<reptilicus> enough that they sell minecraft fanart i made in walmart
Quote #231 | Submitted by: dilly on 9:47PM, July 12th, 2014
Score: 3
( +3 )
<Binary_2> whoa that's a nice landscape
<Binary_2> what game is it from
<Binary_2> lol
<rtil> norway.exe
Quote #213 | Submitted by: dilly on 10:06PM, May 1st, 2014
Score: 2
( +3 | -1 )
<SeriousSam77> so, loomis is telling me I can put any shape I want onto paper
<SeriousSam77> and I can make a thing, with clothes and peopleishness
<rtil> all the beauty in this gay earth and you can't think of one thing you'd want to draw
Quote #201 | Submitted by: dilly on 12:46PM, February 1st, 2014
Score: 1
( +1 )
<slack> 50 degrees is like
<slack> long sleeve shirt weather
<slack> jacket is going too fart
<slack> *far
<slack> lol i typod fart
Quote #197 | Submitted by: dilly on 10:41PM, January 2nd, 2014
Score: 1
( +1 )
<slack> when i over eat i just poop a lot and feel bloated for like a day
Quote #180 | Submitted by: dilly on 2:38PM, August 22nd, 2013
Score: 7
( +7 )
<+slack> reminds me of the time i got drunk and passed out in my car in the strip club parking lot and missed election day
<~rtil> that is the most american thing i've ever heard
Quote #178 | Submitted by: dilly on 2:08PM, August 8th, 2013
Score: 3
( +3 )
* lenko ( has joined #thebackalleys
<+weedle> lenko, you have some memos, `gm to get them.
<lenko> `gm
<lenko> a memo??? for me???
<lenko> your face is a butte :from shida :at 2013-08-06 12:31:59.452000
<lenko> oh.
Quote #172 | Submitted by: dilly on 11:45PM, July 5th, 2013
Score: 6
( +6 )
<+bd648> why is saucy a word for that
<+bd648> how is sauce associated with sex?
<~rtil> how is it not
<+bd648> i associate it with pasta
<+bd648> pasta+sex do not mix
<~rtil> you are missing out
Quote #171 | Submitted by: dilly on 10:54PM, July 5th, 2013
Score: 1
( +1 )
<+Gilthwixt> So I just spent a couple hours in the lab with Squigly
<+Gilthwixt> Oh man, she's so fun to play with. I figured out a really flashy combo pretty easily.
<seanny> I wish I could spend hours in the lab with Squigly
<seanny> if you know what I mean
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