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Quote #134 | Submitted by: rtil on 2:59PM, March 4th, 2013
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[14:24:45] <~rtil> also cities xl has this HORRIFYING avatar creator where you make yourself as a mayor, and it's pretty much impossible not to make a man that doesn't look like a serial rapist
[14:24:53] <@reptilicus> lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[14:25:04] <@reptilicus> i almost want to try it now
[14:25:09] <~rtil> and you can zoom in and watch him walk around town looking very rapey
[14:25:29] <~rtil> i mean this is promotional art for it
[14:25:33] <~rtil> that's the best they could do
[14:25:43] <@Shida> HAHAHAHAHA
[14:26:23] <~rtil> it is kind of sad though, the game did have a lot of potential and at times it can be really pretty. but it's just not a complete game. never has been, never will be
[14:26:25] <@reptilicus> holy fucking christ
[14:26:29] <@reptilicus> my lungs my throat
[14:26:33] <@reptilicus> im choking
[14:26:39] <@reptilicus> that thing's face
[14:26:45] <@reptilicus> its like something from Food Fight
[14:27:12] <@reptilicus> [dirk]
[14:27:13] <@reptilicus> v
[14:28:03] <@Shida> HAAHAH
[14:28:05] <~rtil> dirk's journey to paris, paid for by the make-a-wish foundation
[14:28:07] <~rtil> for dirk's boneitis
[14:28:36] <@reptilicus> his only regret
[14:28:40] <@reptilicus> is that he has boneitis
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