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Quote #140 | Submitted by: BluPhoenix on 4:47PM, March 17th, 2013
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[07:40.33] <lenkoreturns> im glad i didnt watch amazing spidey
[07:40.36] <lenkoreturns> spiderman 3 was bad enough
[07:40.37] <lenkoreturns> good god
[07:40.58] <~rtil> like i get it, he has confidence with his mask on. but you don't need to use two extremes and patronize the audience assuming they're so dumb that the transition between peter and spiderman is black and white
[07:42.26] <+rrusty> lots of char development = not a lot of action = bad for $$$
[07:42.47] <+rrusty> bummer cause andrew garfield is a good spidey imo
[07:43.02] <lenkoreturns> its not hard to top rubber face
[07:43.09] <~rtil> dont worry spiderman will be rebooted again in 10 years maybe they won't fuck up that time
[07:43.14] <+rrusty> fuckkkin spiderman 3
[07:43.28] <~rtil> i never saw 3 but i remember seeing a scene that i thought was a parody on youtube
[07:43.32] <~rtil> but then someone told me it was really in the movie
[07:43.34] <+rrusty> Peter Parker: *vogue face*
[07:43.35] <~rtil> and i was like oh
[07:43.43] <lenkoreturns> rtil the whole thing feels like a self parody
[07:43.50] <~rtil> oh god
[07:43.54] <lenkoreturns> it has really cheap effects too
[07:43.57] <lenkoreturns> like, laughable even
[07:44.02] <+rrusty> *american flag shot*
[07:44.12] <lenkoreturns> the main villain looks like a character from power rangers
[07:44.27] <~rtil> sand man or something?
[07:44.41] <+rrusty> no in the end of the movie he fights michael bay
[07:44.57] <+Sinitron> i would talk shit about spider-man 3
[07:45.04] <+Sinitron> but it was less horrible than most hollywood films
[07:45.06] <+Sinitron> so it's k
[07:45.26] <lenkoreturns> rtil there was sand man, who had passable effects, but they also had venom
[07:45.42] <+Sinitron> and the noob gobline
[07:45.42] <+rrusty> and someone else
[07:45.45] <+rrusty> hob gob
[07:45.48] <+rrusty> franco gob
[07:45.53] <+Sinitron> gobshite
[07:45.56] <+Sinitron> FOCK OF!
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