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Quote #161 | Submitted by: rtil on 10:03PM, May 8th, 2013
Score: 5
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[21:33:54] rtil [~rtil@the.back.alleys] has joined #ihaveextrawood
[21:34:04] <rtil> guess what i have
[21:34:11] <@wwchicken> well?
[21:34:13] <bd648> extra gold?
[21:34:16] <rtil> close!
[21:34:23] <@wwchicken> extra stone
[21:34:29] <bd648> extra food
[21:34:32] <rtil> gettin real hot
[21:34:35] <rtil> BURNING
[21:34:36] <Foxeh> extra maple
[21:34:42] <@wwchicken> extra favor
[21:34:43] <rtil> damn guys you're KILLIN me
[21:35:00] <rtil> axe me how i feel
[21:35:01] <rtil> come on
[21:35:02] <rtil> axe me
[21:35:13] <rtil> i SAW what you did there
[21:35:14] <bd648> how do you feel?
[21:35:23] <rtil> how long will this lumber on
[21:35:44] <@wwchicken> lmao
[21:35:45] Foxeh rolls on the floor
[21:36:09] <@wwchicken> this is pun number TREE
[21:37:06] Foxeh cant keep up with these tree themed puns.
[21:37:21] <Foxeh> imma just leaf
[21:37:29] <rtil> oaky this is getting ridiculous
[21:37:39] <@wwchicken> foxeh you need to branch out your pun capabilities
[21:37:53] <rtil> can we get to the root of the problem here?
[21:37:58] <bd648> mapley we should
[21:38:26] <rtil> damn, it's about pine we did
[21:38:50] <@wwchicken> wood you keep it down im trying to think of more puns
[21:39:14] <bd648> quit your pineing
[21:40:10] <Foxeh> if i could think of a good pun... i wood say something right now..
[21:43:31] <rtil> foxeh having trouble coming up with a pun, who woulda trunk it?
[21:47:21] <Foxeh> yeah.... i butter nut say anything until i come up with something good
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